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Monday, November 24, 2008

Cachee Days

The Cachee River is north of Quebec City - it's short, and it's good.

The first time I went to the Cachee a few years ago, we ran the upper section that wasn't a lot of fun - it's full of bad rocks and not a lot of nice rapids. Massive water levels might make it good. After getting off the river we decided to check out the infamous "Basse Cachee" - the lower section of the river that dumps down a steep hill into the Jacques-Cartier. Even though the crew all agreed it looked awesome, we ultimately didn't run it on that trip because, well, we were afraid!

Of course, immediately after leaving cries of having to go back asap were made, and later that summer we banged down the river at bare-minimum flows when we were there on another mission. Even though it was low, the river was something special for eastern boating - steep, continuous and quality rapids and ledges with barely a pool on the whole river...

Since that first visit, we've been back to the Cachee many times, and it never ceases to deliver a smile. Even though it's short, there are more rapids on this river that a lot of river sections we paddle a lot. We've had other low water days just to get something in, lots of days and lots of laps at normal flows (it usually runs the May long weekend, and at that time of year there's lots of other whitewater in the area) and even a high water trip that was one of the burlier days I've had boating in QC (the water was level with the top of the gauge rock at the put-in - it's all good still, but very pushy).

The fact that we continue to visit the Cachee attests to it's quality - you can't go wrong with a roadside river that will always be a good time! Take a peek at some photos taken over the last few years of the signature drop of the river - it's a good one...

Getting ready for the cascade - the first notable rapid is in the background.

Halfway down. See the eddy in the bottom center? Jamie was trying to catch it - after that run, he walked back up, and got right in there, no sweat...

Jamie, running like normal people do.

How it's done.

It's not all glory - the powerful hole at the bottom takes its toll.

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