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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Boulders On The Upper Birk

i) Upper Birkenhead

The Upper Birkenhead is one of the best boulder runs around - it might not be the most photogenic run ever (well, they by far do not do the boulder rapids justice), but it does have some wicked fun rapids. I've been down there a few times, and it's awesome every time. Make a point to check it out.

It's cool - clear green water greets you when you get to the put in, and it's fully class II. Things escalate slowly as you go downstream where you'll find boulder piles, and more boulder piles. I think some of the trickiest rapids aren't quite at the end, but the longest one certainly is. Good stuff - it's certainly only one of many creeks in the Pemberton zone that have yet to be disseminated to the masses.

Click this link for the beta you need, and check the shots to see what it's all about.

The launching point.

Arrival at the goods.

One of the coolest moves on the river is this one right here.

The squirrly squeeze rapid.

The home stretch - this is 1/2 of the last one.

Log jam - it's all good.

Dealing with the portage of the last rapid on the Upper Birkenhead - that's as bad as it gets if you decide to walk.

All smiles at the end of the river.

ii) Tatlow Creek

Tatlow Creek is probably done, or close to done for this year. It was running two weeks ago during the big heat-up in BC. Sources say it was low early this week. Get it while you can, it won't last long!

Tatlow Creek, crystal clear blue water and all.

iii) Up Next

The upper Stave. Stay tuned for the full story...


E.G. said...

sick photos guys i was looking at doing the stave 2 years ago looked like a mission though and didnt have the time..... good on all you guys geting in there


matt said...

christ! if I don't get an update soon I'll change my homepage to the range life