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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Seymour Canyon

Just a quick note with the beta for the Seymour Canyon in North Vancouver, a definite contender in the "best local run" category. Click that link for the beta, and check out some photos of the run - it's a dark place, and runs most often when it's raining.

Pleasant hiking up the Seymour trail.

Floating in the canyon, above the first big rapid.

Entance to Mosh Pit, the first big one that doesn't look at all big in this photo.

High water bird's eye view.

Steve and Matt in the canyon - photo by Ali Marshall of the Fat Cats.

The seam drop. See the cave?

The last and darkest of the canyon.

Making it out alive at high water.

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Phitty said...

Nice photos. Decent lighting all things considered.