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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Southern Ontario Classic

Probably not where you expect to find whitewater kayaking:


While Toronto doesn't have any whitewater - well it doesn't have any that's yet been found - southern Ontario suprisingly has a pretty decent array of rivers for boating. There's river running, play boating and even some nice big park n huck waterfalls - remarkable really for a zone that's flat as a pancake when you drive through. The only downside is the cold weather - things often run during big thaws in the middle of the winter, and it goes right back to cold after the rains have fallen - the hearty lads down there don't seem to mind though!

About an hour west of Toronto lies the hamlet of Dundas - home to southern Ontario's #1 creek - Spencer Creek. Check out the beta courtesy of Geoff Boyd, as well as these photos captured from video to learn what it's all about.

Spencer Creek put in.

Scouting the unrunnable Webster's Falls.

The Gorge put in.

Spencer Creek put in.

The Gauntlet.

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