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Friday, October 15, 2010


* * * Clendinning River Beta * * *

Today is a photo dump from the Clendinning, one of the popular multi day trips in southwest BC. It's a lot more user friendly than the Stave and it is shorter than the Stein - I haven't done the Stein but I would imagine the scenery on the Clendinning outclasses that one by far. If you want to paddle it, click the link at the top for beta.

The Clendinning is an awesome trip - it's all about the scenery and the good kayaking on day 2. If you've never done a harder overnight this is a good one to start on - all in all it's a friendly river with challenging but not over the top whitewater. Go check it out.

The best shuttle vehicle.

The 2010 crew - Steve, Ali, Matt, Rob, Burt, Niall.

Headwaters of the Soo? Cool lakes on the flight.

Clendinning Lake - an awesome mountain scene.

Paddling over to the Clendinning Glacier for a look-see.

Absurd. The backdrop of your campsite if you chill at the lake for a day.

Steve Rogers hard at work.

Clendinning Glacier.

Easy paddling at the start of the trip.

Scouting the boulder GNAR - this is the worst rapid of the whole 2 days.

Adin and Dan circa 2007.

Ali and Steve about to smash some boulders.

More wicked camping.

Date: August 29, 2010. 15 feet of snow.

The second day is basically one endless rapid.

The big one of the trip - not that you can tell the rapids apart in photos.

The long shuttle out = creative boat loading.

A take out favorite - ginger hunting.

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