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Friday, January 20, 2012

Stein Multiday

The Stein is one of the rare runs in SW BC that has relatively moderate whitewater for almost 50 km - long river sections are a rarity around here! While the bottom few km is a popular hike in day trip, you can also fly in to Stein Lake and make a multiday trip by paddling the whole river. Depending on the group, this can take anywhere from 2 to 4 days.

The Stein is good, but I'm not sure if I'd give it the 'classic' stamp of approval. It's not that the whitewater isn't fun, it's the fact that there is an abnormally large amount of portaging because of wood that take away a bit from the run. I'd say all told over a standard 3 day trip a normal group will spend at a minimum 4 hours portaging. The final 15 km of the run is head and shoulders above the rest of the run in terms of quality - it's a super classic section of solid grade IVish read and run - motivated people might find it more rewarding to simply hike up from the bottom!

Despite some quality issues, the Stein is worth the trip. It ends with a bang, and it does give up an enjoyable wilderness experience with wild forests and impressive mountain scenery. The Clendinning is a worthy alternative, but it's a bit harder. Check out the beta and scope the photos to see what it's all about...

PS It's the comment period for the Big Silver/Tretheway/Shovel IPPs - speak out and help make a difference in preserving recreation!

Whistler Air's DHC-3 Turbo Otter - it carries around a lot of kayakers.

Otter dashboard - this definitely isn't a new plane...

The crew - James, Sandra, Sacha, Jen, Toni, Ryan.

Tundra Lake - an unusually blue lake en route to the Stein.

A wicked scene at Stein Lake.

The dirty hike at the start of the trip. At least there's a trail.

Ryan Bayes routing the one of the first slides.

Sandra on a random ledge - the water at the start is super clear. It doesn't last long.

Scenic forest floating.

First rapid with any major consequence.

Hey Don Barrie, we found your paddle! Don't ask how we found it....

Toni routing a nice drop in the most canyon-like part of the run.

Random low water boogie.

The start of the massive 2nd log jam portage. On all the rivers I've done, I've never seen such a terrible thing to portage where there are absolutely no canyon walls.

In the thick of it. This is one of the good parts.

The good stuff on our third day.

A big boulder rapid. This might be Devils Escalator - not to be confused for Devils Staircase

Group shot at the end of the river where it is swallowed by the Fraser.

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