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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Callaghan Creek Race

By now it's not hot off the press news, at least if you follow the internet kayak chat board world - the Callaghan Creek Race will be held at the crack of 2 pm on Saturday, July 24th.

A couple of us local BC lads this past winter talked a bit about trying to revive the Whistler Creek Cup of years gone by - I wasn't living here when they went down but rumour has it they were a great time. Not wanting to organize essentially three different races we planned on having a low-key race and party only on the Callaghan - initially slated for the second weekend of July. However, after being in touch with Leland Davis (via Steve Rogers) about a full-blown Callaghan Festival we all agreed to combine forces and have the race on the same day. In retrospect if we did try and race last weekend it would have been a no-go because of massive flows from a heatwave on top of a still heavy snowpack.

The race will be held in conjunction with the Callaghan Fest on July 24th to spread the good word about the Callaghan, to get loads of people on the river and to highlight what might be lost if this awesome stream were to be turned into a run-of-the-river power project. This is a whitewater recreational resource that can't be lost, but there needs to be a record of our use to show how important it is.

The short details: you need to sign up between 10 and 12 the morning of the race, you need a partner and we're going to race the whole river. Spectators are encouraged to come watch - the trail to the falls will be well marked - there's undoubtedly going to be some action there. And afterwards there going to be the big party at the Callaghan Fest! Post up if you're coming to race or want to help out with timing or safety too.

* * *

Here's the important info:

Callaghan Race Details

Callaghan Fest Website

* Note there isn't a fee to enter the race, but we will accept donations in lieu of a registration fee with proceeds going to BCCPS and AW. If you have any questions about the race, send me an email or post in the comments.

The race details are also posted after the photos - thanks to Steve Rogers for the awesome images.

First falls.

The big falls - spectators should hang out around here.

The Old Dirty Bastard.

There'll probably be a bit of this - get your cameras ready.

Vintage Callaghan - a photo of my first run on the Callaghan back in 2005.

* * *

Race Details

For Racers

The race starts at 2:00pm sharp – you are responsible for being at the start line at your start time.

The race will be from the first ledge (by seal launch or from the eddy below, to be determined) to the Cal-Cheak festival site.

Competitors will race in teams of two.

This is a long race and safety will be minimal – teams of two allow for immediate safety should it be needed.

Sign up will be from 10:00am until 12:00pm at the Cal-Cheak campsite (takeout). Competitors meeting will be held at 12:15pm.

We will cancel the race if less than 5 competitors enter the competition (for example, if nobody wants to race because of high water).

There is a small cash prize for the winners.

Short boats/modern creek boats under 9 feet are allowed.

For Spectators

The most exciting place to watch the action is at the waterfall section of the creek near the start of the race.

The race starts at 2:00pm sharp. The first racers should arrive here within minutes and will start reaching the finish line somewhere between 2:20pm and 2:30pm.

Kayakers not wanting to race are welcome to observe from anywhere along the creek, but we ask that you stay out of the way when the racers are passing through and that you be prepared to assist racers should they run into trouble.

If you don’t want to kayak or are not a kayaker you can access the waterfall section along a distinct, mildly strenuous hiking trail. This trail will be well marked the day of the race. We recommend starting to hike at 1:15pm so you have time to walk in and find a good spot to watch.

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