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Friday, July 21, 2017

2017 Callaghan Creek Race Recap

Callaghan Creek Race - July 15, 2017

The 8th Annual Callaghan Creek race went down as a huge success last weekend. After a winter with lots of snow, the race was held in the normal window of mid July, but unseasonably cool weather caused a drop in flow in the days leading to the race. Flows ended up being a relatively mellow but respectable 2.7 or so.

This year we had 36 racers. The shortened course was used again this year as it was still a bit low to safely race over the first ledge. Even though OBD changed last winter, the rapid still offered up a ton of excitement for racers.

A big thank you goes out to our title sponsors Western Canoe and Kayak and Predator Helmets. Predator provided cash prizes to the top 3 teams, and a bunch of helmets and other swag to all. Western provided gift certificates, and a paddle for the winner of the Cheak time trial on Friday night.

A big thank you also goes out to Hard Core Paddles, who provided a paddle to the fastest paddler using their product during the race - this year Jamie Wright claimed the prize. These guys make a great product! Try it out if you can.

Lastly, a thanks goes out to everyone who helped make the race happen - the racers, party organizers, timing volunteers, sponsors. This is a community event that is only made better by everyone helping out. Of note was the change in party venue to an awesome location along the Cheakamus River.

The race was very competitive this year. There was only 1 second between first and second place! The winning team, Maxi and Benny, have been paddling together since they were teenagers and they were fired up the share the title, and a giant bottle of Jack Daniels at the after party... It was great to see a long list of familiar faces and new competitors participating.

  1. Maxi Kniewasser - Benny Marr - 15:28
  2. Richard Kemble - Jamie Wright - 15:29
  3. Kiah Schaepe - Jure Stan - 15:40
  4. Ash Bullivant - Andraz Krpic - 15:45
  5. Joel Villeneuve - Chris Loughran - 15:55
  6. Corey Boux - 16:10
  7. Eric Johnson - Trent McCrerey - 16:16
  8. Taylor Weston - Fidel Moreno - 16:22
  9. Ryan Boudens - Blake Miller - 16:27
  10. Ethan Shea Begley - Dave O'Sullivan - 16:30
  11. Wes Dixon - Henry Heyman - 16:31
  12. Spencer Beck - Lars Skovlin - 16:35
  13. Dave Graham - Iztok Zuber - 16:50
  14. Steve Arns - Jonas Delogne - 16:59
  15. Michael Freeman - Mike Nash - 17:35
  16. Tom Potter - Evan Corral - Paul Stamilio - 17:45
  17. Phil Middleton - Winston 'Wiggy' Cawkell - 18:20
  18. Honza Muska Musil - Liam Cook - 19:57

First place: Maxi and Benny. Tegan Owens photo.

Second place: Jamie and Rich. Tegan Owens photo.

Third place: Kiah and Jure. Tegan Owens photo.

Whiteout in the Old Dirty Bastard. Graham Lavery photo.

Upper Cheakamus Race - July 14, 2017

After a few years hiatus, the Upper Cheak Time Trial was back this year. The course started below the waterfall this year as there was a log blocking the river just below it. A successful competition with almost no carnage. Finish times were used to seed start times in the Callaghan Race the next day. The finish times were also used to choose who won the Hard Core Paddle, and both Jamie and Rich were using them in the Callaghan Race on the same team.

Stay tuned for some new ideas for the races in 2018. See you there!

  1. Fidel Moreno - 10:06
  2. Blake Miller - 10:21
  3. Maxi Kniewasser - 10:25
    Eric Johnson - 10:25
  4. Andraz Krpic - 10:26
  5. Taylor Weston - 10:27
  6. Kiah Schaepe - 10:33
    Jure Stan - 10:33
  7. Jamie Wright - 10:34
  8. Richard Kemble - 10:37
  9. Ash Bullivant - 10:40
  10. Joel Villeneuve - 10:43
  11. Corey Boux - 10:46
    Chris Loughran - 10:46
  12. Iztok Zuber - 10:52
  13. Ryan Boudens - 10:54
  14. Ethan Shae Begley - 10:56
  15. Jonas Delogne - 10:57
    Katrina van Wijk - 10:57
    Honza Muska Musil - 10:57
  16. Steve Arns - 10:59
  17. Dave Graham - 11:00
  18. Ben Holzman - 11:10
  19. Liam Cook - 11:12
  20. Peter Harper - 11:15
  21. Winston 'Wiggy' Cawkell - 11:16
  22. Tom Potter - 11:17
  23. Casey Williams - Nicole Mansfield - 11:21
  24. Josh Plankeel - 11:39
  25. Nike Nash - 11:42
  26. Andy Nash - 11:51
  27. Phil Middleton - 17:21 (assisted swimmer)
  28. Daniel Klein - DNF

Monday, July 18, 2016

2016 Callaghan Creek Race Recap

Callaghan Creek Race - July 16, 2016

After a few years of low water and early flow windows, the 7th Annual Callaghan Creek race moved back to its traditional time in mid July.

52 racers competed, which is tied with the 2013 race for the most competitors to enter! Level 2.68. The modified course was used because the water level was just below the cut off for running the first ledge, and the course finished at the normal take out where the race has always finished. Running OBD was optional.

A big thanks to Western Canoe and Kayak for providing the top prize of a new paddle for the winning female competitor and gift certificates for the overall winners!

A thank you also goes out to Predator Helmets for providing a bunch of helmets and hats that went out to the top teams and safety crew, and to WaterFlow Paddling for providing a throwbag and hat to the racers that had some carnage over the weekend.

Finally, a huge thanks to all the people who came together to make the race happen. From finish timers to safety crew, trail workers, party makers and everyone else in between - it wouldn't be possible without your hard work!

Race Times

  1. Raphael Boudreault-Simard - Ric Moxon - 15:28
  2. Louis Geltman - Benny Marr - 15:43
  3. Rhys Elliot - Carl Whitehead - 15:48
  4. Phil Mitchell- Joe Morley - 15:52
  5. Hector Darby MacLellan - Richard Kemble - 15:54
  6. Charley Nguyen - Mael Nguyen - 16:00
  7. Kiah Schaepe - Martjin Van Den Broeke - 16:18
  8. Dave Fusilli - Matt Anger - 16:28
  9. Corey Boux - Chris Loughran - 16:44
  10. Adrian Kiernan - Scotty Hall - 16:47
  11. Honza Muska Musil - Andraz Krpic - 16:50
  12. Edward Muggridge - Pedro Astorga - 16:52
  13. Ben Kinsella - Nate Klema - 16:57
  14. John Harding - Matiu Kapa - 17:01
  15. Jonas Delogne - Iztok Zuber - 17:26
  16. Bryce Shaw - Ethan Shae - 17:29
  17. Glen Carpenter - Laura Bannon - 17:30
  18. Jeremy Norbury - Trent McCrerey - 17:32
  19. Steve Arns - Ali Marshall - 17:40
  20. Dave O'Sullivan - Ash Bullivant - 18:06
  21. Will Riorden - Geoff Dunbrack - 18:32
  22. Chris Tretwold - Jonathan Ellinger - 18:36
  23. Ben Hawthorne - Harlan Johnson - 18:42
  24. Josh Plankeel - Phil Middleton - 19:17
  25. Sam Murray - Dave Graham - 20:18
  26. Tegan Owens - Hilary Neevel - 22:25

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Callaghan Creek 2015 Recap

Callaghan Creek Race - June 20, 2015

18 racers competed, 3 solo, and 8 teams, with one racer competing both solo and team. Level 2.55. The modified course was used because of very low water starting by seal launching at first ledge, finishing at the normal take out where race has always finished. Running OBD was optional.

The record extreme low snowpack of the 2014/2015 winter made planning the race particularly difficult in 2015. The race was initially cancelled early in the week before the race, but slightly warmer temperatures, some rain and enthusiasm from the community to hold a race anyways salvaged the event last minute. Lower turn out than normal, but a great time all the same.

Thanks to AT Paddles from providing a paddle each for the two kayakers from the winning team! A thank you as well to the safety crew, timing crew and Sea to Sky Whitewater.

Race Times

  1. Gerd Serrasolses - 15:57 - Gerd is now 3x reigning champion
  2. Darren Albright - 16:47
  3. Liam Cook / Kiah Schaepe - 17:14
  4. Sam Ricketts - 17:42
  5. Corey Boux / Andrew ?? - 17:48
    Beny Nowak / Andreas Wicky - 17:48
  6. Ash Bullivant / Martijn Van Den Broeke - 18:00
  7. Ben Seeberger / Geoff Dunbrack - 18:50
  8. Phil Middleton / David O'Sullivan - 19:12
  9. Steve Arns / Sam Murray - 19:29
  10. Gerd Serrasolses / Alicia Zaragoza - 20:40

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Callaghan and Upper Cheak Race Weekend 2014 Results

Upper Cheakamus Race - July 4, 2014

Quick facts: 38 racers competed, 32 individuals and 3 teams. Level 2.60. Standard course - from the eddy immediately above the put in falls to the eddy where the gauge is located (normal take out).

  1. Gerd Serrasolses - 10:03 - 2 time reigning champion, new course record
  2. Andraz Krpic - 10:24
  3. Ric Moxon - 10:35
  4. Darren Albright - 10:40
  5. Richard Kemble - 10:43
  6. Mikkel St. Jean-Duncan - 10:47
    Jurij Zmavc - 10:47
  7. Maxi Kniewasser - 10:49
  8. Riley Best - 10:51
  9. Jean Letuzo - 11:00
  10. Liam Fournier - 11:01
  11. Kiah Schaepe - 11:05
  12. Corey Boux - 11:06
  13. Sam Drouin - 11:07
  14. Mathieu Coldebella - 11:12
  15. Nick Bennett - 11:14
    Andrew Matthews - 11:14
  16. Zac Ruttiman - 11:16
  17. Liam Cook - 11:22
  18. Sam Murray - 11:26
  19. Nick Gottlieb - 11:27
  20. Steve Arns - 11:31
  21. Alicia Casas Zaragoza - 11:37
  22. Louis Bissonnette - 11:39
  23. Dave Prothero - 11:41
  24. Dave Sitar - 11:43
  25. Patrick Liddell - 11:45
  26. Jonas Delonge - 11:53
  27. Nick Bishop - 12:02
  28. Ryan Bayes - 12:29*
  29. Annie Lagueux/Corey May - 12:32
  30. Phil Middleton - 16:16*
  31. Luke Borserio - 18:07*
  32. Matthew Washer/Louise Fingleton - DNF
  33. Sean Easton/Brett Easton - DNF

*Racer stopped to help other paddlers needing help.

Callaghan Creek Race - July 5, 2014

Quick facts: 45 racers competed in 21 teams. Level 2.60. The modified course was used because of low water starting by seal launching at first ledge, finishing at the normal take out where race has always finished. Running OBD was optional.

  1. Gerd Serrasolses/Darren Albright/Mikkel St. Jean Duncan - 15:54 - Darren is 3x reigning champing, Gerd 2x reigning champion
  2. Andraz Krpic/Jurij Zmavc - 16:27
  3. Hector Darby MacLellan/Richard Kemble - 16:30
    Maxi Kniewasswer/Ric Moxon - 16:30
  4. Marlow McGregor - Riley Best - 17:17
    Mathieu Coldebella/Corey Boux - 17:17
  5. Sam Drouin/Luke Borserio - 17:20
  6. Mael Nguyen/Jean Letuzo - 17:28
  7. Nick Bennett/Ash Bullivant - 17:30
  8. Steve Arns/Sam Murray/Corey May - 17:40
  9. Patrich Liddell/Louis Bissonnette - 17:49
  10. Niko Peha/Mike Gottlieb/Chris Leach - 17:52
  11. Ryan Bayes/Kiah Schaepe - 18:03
  12. Dave Prothero/Liam Cook - 18:48
  13. Romain Rue/Chris Hanssen - 19:22
  14. Phil Middleton/Ben Yorke - 19:29
  15. Jonas Delonge/Nick Gottlieb - 19:41
  16. Tom Potter/Dave Sitar - 20:39
  17. Annie Lagueux/Dave Hamlin - 21:06
  18. Scott Mcbride/Olivier Villebrun - 25:26 (swim)
  19. Liam Fournier/Zac Ruttiman - 28:28 (swim)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Thuli Bheri Photo Report

Here's a quick addition to the LiquidLore river beta for the Thuli Bheri in western Nepal. Enjoy the photos and the short story told in captions to go along with it.

Private Jeep ride from Pokhara to Birendranagar. It was a little bit more expensive but much faster and relatively comfortable. We were on a schedule to get someone back to Kathmandu to fly home.

We arrived in Birendranagar/Surkhet late in the night and stayed at a really nasty hotel near the airport recommended by a local we picked up in Kohlpur. It was nice however to be openly accepted into a huge Diwali party the night before we flew to the river. If you go, try and fly from Surkhet instead of Nepalgunj as it's a way nicer town. We later stayed at the Valley View Hotel in the middle of town - a nice clean place with good food.

After much negotiation we chartered a plane from the Surkhet airport with Goma Air for about $1500 USD (November 2013). The usual Dolpa airport of Juphal was closed so we had to fly in to the Masinchuar airport on the other side of the river that was much further from the water. It was unclear where this airport was until we actually landed there.

We attraced a crowd at this lonely dirt airstrip, but none of them were willing to act as porters to help us drag our stuff down to the river. Despite the remoteness, my phone worked no problem here, as it did along the whole river. Photo Si Rutherford.

The Masinchuar dirt airstrip.

A local woman.

The hike to the river followed a prominent ridge and had some of the best mountain views I've ever seen. The mountains here are part of the Dhaulagiri massif. Apparnently the scenery from the Juphal side does not compare. Photo Maxi Kniewasser.

The long 5 hour walk to the water was a knee busting 1000 meters of elevation loss.

Excellent downstream view of the Golden Canyon, the first section of notable whitewater on the Thuli Bheri.

This is the Bala Tripura Sundari temple in the town of Tripurakot. We had to walk through this town, and some kids threw dried shit at us. Much better than the fresh shit that was thrown at us at a campsite futher down the river. Nepal is a wonderful country but my experience with the locals on this trip, particularly on the Humla Karnali, was negative.

Day 1 campsite below Tripurakot, next to the river. The town by the water had a few places to get dahl bat and beer. It even had a cell phone store that played obnoxiously loud music while we ate. The food wasn't great. Photo Si Rutherford.

Evening light on the temple. Photo Maxi Kniewasser.

We made a friend while having dinner. The people in the town where we ate dinner were nice.

The first paddle strokes on the Thuli. This river is exceedingly beautiful. After just a few hunderd meters the river starts off with one of the hardest sections of rapids on the whole run. We agressively boat scouted and had no trouble. Scouting and taking photos would have been fun too. Photo Maxi Kniewasser.

The first day of whitwater (day 2 of the trip) passes through the Golden Canyon, a long section of continuous grade 4 peppered with some bigger rapids. This is one of the first spots we needed to scout from the bank that ened up being a portage for us.

One rapid stands out above all the others in the Golden Canyon. Despite the big canyon walls, a trail follows the whole river here (and everyewhere else) so scouting and portaging are easy. Photo Maxi Kniewasser.

The Golden Canyon standout rapid. A burly ledge that's exciting to run, it's actually low consequence as the run out is class II for some distance.

Golden Canyon boogie.

More Golden Canyon boogie.

We randomly chose a campsite on day 2 where there was a large flat terrace above the river on the left, away from the main trail on river right. It turns out that it was just above the exit to the Golden Canyon. On the terrace was a stone hut that we slept in, and there were tomato plants everywhere.

A typical boulder rapid at the start of day 3 (day 2 whitewater) right as we left the Golden Canyon behind. Although the Thuli is not the most difficult multiday, you need to be prepared for a massive amount of boat scouting to get through the river in a reasonable amount of time. There is literally 100 km of continuous whitewater like this.

The volume grows during the second whitewater day, and there are some bigger rapids amongst the grade 4. Photo Maxi Kniewasser.

Our group scouts a big class V rapid a short distance before the flat water above the Awulgurta gorge. Our day 3 camp on a mid river beach had us spending the night huddled under a tarp as is dumped rain.

Stopping to scout the lead in to the Awulgurta gorge. This is well marked in the guidebook, and there is an excellent trail through villages on river left that is an 'easy' 1-2 hour portage. We ran some of the lead in rapids at which point the group split with some walking the whole thing and others picking away somewhat successfully at running the canyon. It's serious class V that is probably best a really low water in the winter months. Photo Si Rutherford.

Scenic portaging. Despite going through several villages the mobbing by children here wasn't too bad. Lots of stores to restock on food too. Photo Si Rutherford.

Day 5 (day 4 on the river) was a long river day. In the morning we paddled through a short canyon with several class V rapids, including this one. We made it all the way to the confluence of the Thuli Bheri and the Sani Bheri, setting up camp on a beautiful beach.

Random rapid on day 5. Photo Maxi Kniewasser.

Cooking a feast on day 5. It was my birthday that day, so we celebrated with flasks of rum and a game of cards. Photo Maxi Kniewasser.

It took 2 more days of paddling easy whitewater to reach the take out bridge where the road to Surkhet crosses the Bheri. When we arrived at the bridge we were met with the news that we might be stuck for days because of a transport strike related to an upcoming election. Luckly a convoy of police escorted busses showed up after a few hours to give us a ride back to to town, and on to the next mission. Photo Maxi Kniewasser.

The Thuli Bheri is an awesome multiday trip. Enjoy the photos, hopefully they get you stoked to check it out too.