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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Coming Storm - Have Your Say Against IPPs

It was only a matter of time. The clouds have been brewing on the horizon for a long time, and finally we're starting to see the first drops of rain in a coming storm of IPPs in southwest BC.

Equally applicable is the gold rush analogy. Whatever way it's expressed it doesn't change the fact that there is a fresh slate of potential IPP's to be built in BC and if we want to have any free flowing rivers left your voice needs to be heard in opposition to these projects during the multiple public comment periods that will happen or are occurring.

Many of these projects are the result of the latest BC Hydro Clean Power Call and they include rivers from all over BC. Of the 27 selected proposals, 19 of them are run-of-river hydro power projects. While the loss of any waterway is tragic, it is of particular interest to whitewater boaters that streams like Skookum Creek, Big Silver and the Kokish River are in immediate danger. Many of the other rivers represent untouched wilderness areas that see little traffic and have untold potential or they encroach on incredible scenic areas like the Upper Lillooet project which is probably based around the awe-inspiring Keyhole Falls on the Lillooet River itself.

Most projects have to go through a lengthy application and permitting process where the public is given the chance, on the record, to oppose these projects: for several of the successful Clean Power Call projects that time is now. Go to these links below and speak up - the BC Environmental Assessment Office now requires you to submit comments via an online form system - it's quite simple really. These comments are in theory considered when the time comes to decide if a project should go ahead. Meaning, it's not too late to stop these things from happening. The more we shout "no!" the more likely they are to listen to our concerns.

Here are the current projects you can comment on. The Statlu/Shovel/Big Silver/Tretheway projects are being assessed as a single project - the impact of this development will not be trivial.

Kokish River - Vancouver Island. The Kokish is much further along in the permitting process than the others. Comments close on Nov 18.

Statlu Creek. Comments for these four projects close on November 25.

Tretheway Creek

Shovel Creek

Big Silver Creek

If you'd like a little more information about the kayaking on these rivers check out TRL's report about the Kokish or go buy LVM 19. Big Silver is a classic whitewater run - you can find information about it in the LL guidebook or at Bellingham Whitewater. Shovel Creek is a Big Silver tributary that probably has good whitewater as well. The sections of Statlu and Tretheway to be diverted are lesser known kayak runs but also offer good whitewater.

Spread the word and send your letters - every voice will count.

This is one of the many places that may never be the same - Skookum Creek, Squamish. Don't let them slip away.

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