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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Callaghan Creek Race 2011

It's coming again to Whistler, BC on July 23.

Come to post a time, paddle the run or just hang out along the river and at the after party - it's going to be a good day.

Southwest BC is currently sitting on an enormous snowpack that has yet to really start to melt so it's very likely that the water will be high (as in higher then last year) on race day. We intend to run the race as long as we feel we can safely do so. We have a backup plan if the water is absolutely raging, so there is a 100 % chance something will happen on July 23rd to see how fast you can paddle.

Here's the details and the plan so far:

•The race will be in teams of 2 from top to bottom.
•First racers push off at 4 pm.
•Official sign up will happen between 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm at the Cal-Cheak campsite. Competitors meeting at 3:00 pm.
•Short boats only.

Spectators and Post-Race Party:
•Non-racing boaters are encouraged to come and paddle and/or help with safety.
•The more spectators the better. There is a well marked trail from the put in parking to the waterfalls section of the race course.
•The party starts right after the race at the Cal-Cheak campsite/take out.
•We have the Cal-Cheak campsite booked up for kayaking that weekend so feel free to party hard.

Stay tuned for updates as the date gets closer.

Greg Dashper on the first waterfall during the 2010 race.

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