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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Eagle Falls

The Beaver. It's a long way from BC. Bloggin's about New York are the best way to tell we are running out of fresh stuff from BC. Even though we get a lot of rain all winter, it's still winter and the kayaking is often on the same few rivers near enough to the coast to not freeze over. The Island and WA are close at hand but oh so far away when motivation is low.

Anyways, the Beaver is one of the New York rivers that gets negotiated recreational releases in September of each year. There are three sections - the Taylorville and Moshier sections are decent river runs - the Eagle section is a short, steep novelty run that you'd never drive far for but it fits nicely in with the other releases, especially when it's the Labour Day weekend/unofficial Beaver Fest when there are loads of people firing it up all together.

The Eagle would be an awesome section for a race - unlike most other NY runs there is no flat water - the Moose Race and even the Raquette Race to some extent have significant bits of flat water so you can argue that speed doesn't happen 'cause you clean the rapids, it happens if you have a lot of gas in the tank across the lakes.

Turns out there is will be a whole series of races in NY this year - the King of New York series. It will be awesome. The Eagle will be one of the best ones - spectator access is easy, it's happening on a busy weekend, it's all whitewater and there is a hole that can dish out good carnage that you have to punch. There's no doubt that the title will be brought back to Canada.

Check out this video by Five2Nine of the Eagle, and the other parts of the Beaver - Mike and the lads are helping to organize and promote the whole King of New York series. If you're around there is September don't miss it!

Liquid Lore - Beaver River Video Guide from Five2Nine Productions.

The big one on the Eagle. I ran this whole thing upside down once and wore about half an inch off my paddle trying to save my face. Drop 3 on a busy Labour Day weekend.

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