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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Winter's Over! Copper Canyon

This is it - the time of year when North America is right on the brink of a new kayaking season - I bet there aren't many boaters out there who aren't fired up right now. For us in BC it's particuarly exciting as there is a huge snowpack in a lot of the province.

Vancouver Island is a place that doesn't need to wait for spring for the kayaking season to start. It's basically opposite to the normal season out there with things just getting underway once the rain starts in October, running through to April/May/June, depending on the part of the Island in question.

The Chemainus River is in the southwest corner of the Island. Copper Canyon is a stretch of river renowned for the copper color of the rock walls in its canyons. The whitewater is ok too... Not a bad river on which to spend the first day of spring.

Beta is at this link. Check it out - let us know what you think of the new format too.

Joe Box floating along on the Chemainus - Powerhouse coming up.

Random slide. There's currently a gaper of a sieve on the right side of this drop. Don't go right.

A tall cliff on the Copper - a great scene.

Deep in the second canyon.

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