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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Upper Pet

Upper Petawawa river beta - this is in Algonquin Park.

* * *

This weekend is the long-anticipated Hell or High Water Race in Petawawa, Ontario organized by one of our principal contributors Philip Kompass. Like we mentioned in the last post, the Petawawa is currently under direct threat of small run-of-river hydro development and this event will in part show everyone that the Petawawa River is not appropriate for any type of industrial development like this.

Go there and show your support, if you can.

The Upper Petawawa is a section upstream of the town, in Algonquin Park, that makes for a fun one day wilderness hike in trip that is an excellent run for intermediate level boaters. If you haven't run it, go fire it up with the huge crowd that's going to check it out on the day after the HOHW race.

Here's a random collection of photos from the Upper Pet.

Glenn Wallace on the Upper Pet.

Some dude fires up a ledge.

Glenn Wallace.

Running a rapid on the Upper Pet.

Alex Sauve pilots the Canyoneero to the Petawawa early in the spring.


This is the easy trail you hike on. Drybags are awesome.

Ray Canton.

Some rapids.

More rapids.

A gauge?

Ray Canton, ready to fire it up.

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