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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cameron: Another Classic

It's seems like a long time since I've posted anything on the LL blog - I guess we can blame it on the winter doldrums - there's only so much blogging that can go on about kayaking when there isn't a lot of kayaking to blog about. Anyways, it's spring now and we're just getting set to unleash a new slew of content in the guidebook, and lots of spring trips have produced plenty of images to share.

A while back I posted about the Cameron River on VI, sans photos. I don't think mention of that run even made it up here - it quietly slipped into place in the guide. Anyways, after a Cameron feeding frenzy last weekend while out on the Island to hit the Puntledge festival I captured a slew of decent photos, and I remembered just how cool this great class IV run is. There must be 50 rapids in the 5 km of river, and most of them are pretty fun. In SW BC, especially on the mainland, where rivers are often class II gravel bars or pushy grade IV+ and up, the Cameron is a relatively rare example of a perfectly constructed, lengthy class IV river.

Check out the beta in the link above, and check out these photos.

Scouting the first scout-worth rapid.

The run out of the S-Turn micro canyon.

"The Waterfall". Maybe not a true stout but it's one of the standout rapids on the Cameron.

Typical Cameron style.

In the heart of the run the walls close in a bit, providing some classic VI atmosphere.

Sam Tregenza runs the log limbo rapid.

High water logs.

A 5 foot money boof.

Last rapid - Final Exam. It shares a name with the last rapid on Seymour Canyon.

And some parting shots in of the end of Final.

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