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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Currents Web TV Project

From the desk of Mike McKay at Five2Nine comes Currents. Here's the info:

Currents is a river stewardship focused WebTV program (online video documentary) which uses white water kayaking as a means to educate a broader audience about the risks threatening the world’s rivers and to help highlight the intrinsic value of preserving rivers in their natural state. The project is first being released online in 12 + installments covering a different location and river network in each segment. The videos are distinguished by a positive and fun approach, focusing on the actions of the people devoting their lives to protecting our water resources, and showing the rivers from the eyes of white water kayakers (both tame to class V action).

The project trailer as well as further information about us can be found here. Our goal is to educate paddlers and the general public on the issues facing our waterways and the actions that people can take to help address them.

It is our belief that greater recreational use of rivers promotes a stronger recognition of their importance and a greater dedication for the broader public to protecting them.

Filming has already been completed in 6 locations, namely: Ecuador, North Carolina, Australia, Quebec, New York, and New Zealand.

We have gone straight to the experts to speak to the issues. Among others, the film will highlight individuals from:

• American Whitewater

• The Freshwater Trust

• Riverkeeper Alliance

Currents is produced by Five 2 Nine Productions, a group of paddlers who have decided to use their passion for white water as a platform to promote awareness about water issues to the broader public. Five2Nine's first project, Just Like You Imagined, was featured in the 2009 Reel Paddling Film Festival. The film and trailer can both be viewed on Vimeo.

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