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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ernie's Canyon Hydro Threat - Washington State

From Ben Hawthore, a prominent member of the Seattle boating community, comes more news on the threat of hydro developement on Ernie's Canyon, a fantastic class V run barely 1 h from the core of Seattle.

During the permitting process there are several opportunities for the public to comment on the proposed project. Now is the time for you to speak out against development on this classic section of river. The comment period closes on July 24, so make it happen!

Straight from Ben:

Hey everyone,

We are in another phase of the comment period which ends July 24th. If you can resubmit your previous comments please do it, even if you already commented you need to do it again.

If you have not yet commented this is an important phase where FERC gauges public opinion.

Please take the time to do this, the comments are streaming in (all against the project at this time) but it sounds like it can't hurt to have many more.

Please forward to the people I missed.



Simple directions:


-Click the Orange eComment Tab at the top of the page
-Fill in your name and email
-Check your email for an email from FERC
-Search and select docket P-14110
-Write a comment!

If you want to register, you will be notified of other comments and updates. For that, go to:

If you want to see a little what Ernie's is like, here is a video, provided by the local community.

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