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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Callaghan Creek Race 2012

July 28, 2012

The third annual Callaghan Race is happening on July 28, 2012. With another heavy snowpack in southwest BC, this year's race promises to be another exciting day on Whister's classic whitewater run. Read below for more information.


The Callaghan Creek Race is a 2 man team, timed race down the full length of Callaghan Creek in Whistler, BC. To read more about the river, see some photos or to email questions/intent to race to the organizers please see the following links:

The Race

  • The race is a 2 man team race.
  • The race starts at 5pm - you are responsible for showing up at the start line at this time.
  • Registration is the day of the race - sign up between 11am-3pm at the take out parking lot.
  • Competitors must attend a pre-race meeting at 3:30pm.
  • Boats are limited to modern creek boats.
  • Prior experience on the Callaghan is absolutely mandatory. We can refuse entry into the race at our discretion.
  • All competitors must have personal safety gear on hand at the race - throw rope, float bags, pin kit etc. are mandatory.
  • In the event of unsafe water levels on the course, the race will be moved to the Upper Cheak at the organizers discretion.


  • Volunteers are always appreciated to help with all aspects of the race.
  • Time keepers at the put in and take out are needed.
  • Anyone comfortable paddling the Callaghan is welcome to set safety along the course.
  • Please sign up between 11am-3pm, or contact us beforehand if you would like to help out.


  • The Callaghan waterfalls are accessible to spectators via a moderately strenuous trail leaving from near the put in.
  • It takes about 30 minutes to hike in to the waterfalls - the most exciting portion of the course.
  • Give yourself at least 45 minutes before the race starts to reach the river - you don't want to miss the action.
  • Please sign up between 11am-3pm, or contact us beforehand if you would like to help out.


  • Camping is available at the take out (Cal-Cheak Campsite) for $10/car/night.
  • We will do our best to reserve a block of sites - show up early to be sure to get a spot.
  • The awards and after party will be held at the campsite, beginning immediately after the race.
  • Remember, we aren't the only ones at this campsite so don't go too crazy and clean up when you leave!


The Callaghan Race is supported by the Association of Whitewater Professionals and is a member Western Points Series. Your finishing position in the race will contribute to your points standings in the WPS. You are automatically registered. The Callaghan Race does not count towards standings in the AWP World Series. We hope it will be a member race in the future.

Past Race Recaps

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